Roles And Responsibilities

  1. Attestation of Labour Contracts/Agreements for recruitment of Indian workers. Attending to visitors/telephonic enquiries relating to recruitment of Indian workers. Providing a list of approved Recruiting Agents in India to local companies on demand.
  2. Attending to complaints received from Indian workers against their sponsors relating to non-payment of salary/dues/service benefits, harassment at work place, lack of food and accommodation facilities, etc. Advising them about their rights, legal position and guiding them about the course of action to be taken for resolving the issues. Taking up the matter with the local sponsor for amicable settlement of the problem.
  3. Attending to complaints of housemaids who approach the Embassy for help when they are harassed by the employer and attempting to resolve the issue with the sponsor/employer. Arranging repatriation of housemaids to India, in cases where she does not want to continue with the local employer.
  4. In each and every death case, the sponsor is approached requesting for early settlement of salary dues/service benefits/dispatch of personal belongings, etc. of the deceased Indian national. On receipt of settlement amount from the local company, the equivalent amount in Rupees is sent to the legal heirs of the deceased in India.
  5. Processing applications received for providing free air tickets by Air India/Indian Airlines for transportation of dead bodies of destitute/stranded/absconded Indian nationals who die in Abu Dhabi as also for arranging tickets for the escorts. Issuing a recommendatory letter to Airlines for free tickets in such cases. Also issuing letter to the concerned Customs Authorities in India seeking help in clearing the personal belongings of the deceased Indian nationals through customs in India.
  6. Correspondence with local Foreign Office for settlement of Death compensation (Diya money)/Insurance money, etc. On receipt of confirmation from MFA about availability of Diya money, etc. at the Shariah court, the legal heirs in India are approached to furnish a Legal Heir Certificate and a Power of Attorney in order to enable the Embassy to collect the amount from Shariah court. On receipt of the above amount from the Shariah Court, the same is forwarded to the legal heirs through concerned district authorities in India.
  7. Attending to enquiries from relatives/Government agencies in India regarding welfare, whereabouts, arrest of Indian nationals as also complaints from relatives in India about non-maintenance of families by the Indian nationals working in UAE.
  8. Welfare of NRIs regarding various problems faced by their families in India. Forwarding of such complaints of NRIs to the concerned State authorities for appropriate action. The investigation reports/information received from State authorities are conveyed to the complainant.
  9. Coordination/liaison with local jail/police authorities, labour/ Immigation Department, hospital/sponsors/companies on matters relating to labour and welfare of Indian nationals in an attempt to resolve the issues.
  10. Visit to UAE jails at Al Wathba and Al Ain for consular access in order to ascertain the welfare of Indian inmates detained there for various crimes and to take up their problems, if any, with the concerned UAE authorities.
  11. Visit to hospitals to meet patients who are in police custody for various crimes including attempted suicides, etc. and also to enquire about the welfare of patients suffering from infectious diseases like AIDS, etc.
  12. Visiting mortuary in order to identify dead bodies with a view to informing their relatives in India.
  13. Attending to marital disputes and trying to resolve the same amicably.
  14. Matters relating to Hindu Cremation Ground (Shantivan) in Abu Dhabi recently allotted to the Embassy.
  15. Attending to visitors/answering queries over phone about labour and welfare matters.

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