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  1. Application in formatclick to download prescribed

  2. Present passport (in original along with a photocopy of all pages of the passport).

  3. Who are eligible:-

    1. The applicant should have stayed abroad for more than 3 years   excluding the period(s) of visit to India

    2. The dependents who are below 18 years and whose parents have ECNR status in their passports. 

    3. A person (he/she) whose spouse has ECNR status in his or her passport. 

    4. A person who is above 50 years of age

    5. A person who has 10 + 2 Educational qualification or have done 2 years diploma after 10th standard.
  4. For obtaining ECNR for dependents, (children/spouse) please enclose the original and a photocopy of the pages with ECNR endorsement on the spouse's/parent's passport

  5. An Empost sticker for sending the serviced passport by post.

Time Taken

One day


Dhs. 40/-


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