Open House

It has been a constant endeavour of Embassy of India in Abu Dhabi and Consulate General of India, Dubai to make its services transparent and more accessible to Indian nationals in UAE. As part of this efforts the Embassy/ Consulate would be holding “Open House” at its premises on every working day (Sunday to Thursday from 10.00 to 12.00 hrs). During the Open House, any member of the Indian Community can interact with concerned officers without any prior appointment.

This initiative needs to be seen as part of slew of measures taken by the Embassy for the benefit of Indian nationals. Some of these are listed below:-

Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF) has been set up from which various kinds of assistance is provided to Indians in distress on case – to- case basis depending on the need and the financial condition of the individual. Facilities for transportation of mortal remains, repatriation of Indian workers by providing free one- way air- ticket, emergency medical care, boarding and lodging for distressed Indian workers etc. are provided from ICWF.

Embassy has also established Indian Workers Resource Centre (IWRC) which runs a 24×7 toll -free multilingual information helpline No. 800- 46342 (800- INDIA). IWRC also offers free counseling services to Indian nationals on psychological, financial and legal matters.

Passport services have been outsourced by the Embassy so that no one needs to visit the Embassy or the Consulate for the same. The outsourced passport centers are located all over UAE, which can be reached on the helpline No.04-2555530 (Dubai) and 02 4456994 (Abu Dhabi). Similarly, attestation services are also provided through outsourced centers through IVS Global, who can be reached on the helpline number 043579585/ 043579636.

The services for registration of deaths of Indians and for completion of other formalities related to either transportation of mortal remains to India or for burial/ cremation in UAE are provided 24×7 on gratis basis even on holidays and after office hours by the Embassy and Consulate.

The Embassy and the Consulate officials regularly visit the various jails of UAE to enquire and ensure the welfare of Indians in these jails and provide other consular services.

An agreement for transfer of sentenced persons between India and the UAE has come into force in March 2013. Any Indian national who has been sentenced and is serving his sentence in any of the UAE jails, can make a request and submit an application to the officials of the Embassy/ Consulate during their visit to jails. However, this request for transfer is subject to certain conditions including consent of the Government of UAE and Government of India.

The details of various facilities provided by the missions and the contact numbers for the various services are available on the websites of the Embassy (http// and the Consulate ( Moreover, the Embassy can also be reached at its number 02 4492700 for various services and seeking information.

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