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Forms for labour-related services

REGISTRATION OF DEATHclick to download
[Despatch of body to India]


  1. Death Certificate in original and ten copies
  2. Embalming Certificate in original and ten copies thereof
  3. Certificate from the Directorate of Preventive Medicine, Ministry of Health, for the transportation of the body and ten copies thereof
  4. A letter from the Sponsor requesting facilitation of despatch of the body to India for last rites as required by the next of kin
  5. Original passport of deceased with two photocopies
  6. Two photocopies of passport of the person accompanying the body
  7. Person accompanying should be present at the time of Registration for signing the Death Register
  8. A letter from the Sponsor of the deceased person with details of outstanding dues to the deceased person in the proforma prescribed
  9. Confirmation from airlines about booking of space