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[Where passport shows legal entry but applicant is not resident in UAE]
[Casual visitor/Tourist]
[in lieu of DAMAGED passport, issued outside Abu Dhabi]


  1. Application in EAP-I formclick to download

  2. Ten latest passport size photographs (full frontal view of face against light background)

  3. Photocopy of the damaged passport

  4. Letter from the Sponsor conveying no objection and confirming employment

  5. Personal particulars formclick to download duly filled - in triplicate

  6. Copy of one or more of the following, to establish identity and nationality (The original will be returned after verification):-
    a) Identity Card;
    b) Labour Card;
    c) Health Card;
    d) Driving Licence

  7. A Sworn Affidavitclick to download explaining

  8. a)The circumstances under which the passport was damaged;

  9. b)Giving details of journey(ies) performed on the lost passport;

  10. c)Concessions like TR benefits/FT withdrawals, gold/silver imports availed of on the lost passport; and

  11. d)Places of stay and work in UAE since arrival

  12. A Sworn Affidavitclick to download in the prescribed format from two Indian nationals resident in Abu Dhabi, UAE, vouching for the veracity of the statements made in the application for duplicate passport, to establish the nationality and identity of the applicant

  13. Submit in person to establish physical identity


The applicant will, in the ordinary course, be issued an Emergency Certificate for return to India. If the applicant is required to stay on in UAE or proceed to another station abroad, he will be issued a limited six-month validity passport upon production of documentary proof to that effect. Where a limited validity passport is issued, full residual validity will be restored upon verification and confirmation of passport particulars.

FEE (In UAE Dihrams)

For Duplicate Passport 465
For Sworn Affidavits by the applicant 40