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Housemaids (Employment Contracts for Maids/domestic Servants and cooks)

Recruitment of a Female Household Service Worker (FHSW)

(Employment Contracts for Maids/domestic Servants and cooks)

As per the instructions of the Government of India, the following will be the prescribed requirements for the recruitment of Female Household Service Workers (FHSW) from India:

  1. The FHSW may be recruited in two ways:

    1. Directly by the employer.  click to downloadDenotes - Click to download

      The employer must submit the following documents along with the Applications click to download in the prescribed format.(All Documents to be typed in English)

      1. Embassy Permit letter, in the prescribed format, duly filled in and affixed with signature of Employer (original and a photocopy.)
      2. Employment Contract, in the prescribed format (one original and one photocopy). The original should be attested by Shariah Court, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
      3. Undertaking from the Employer regarding good treatment of the FHSW, in the prescribed format
      4. Photocopy of the passport of Employer.
      5. Photocopy of the passport of the FHSW.
      6. Original employment Visa and two photocopies thereof.
      7. Income/Salary Certificate of the employer in original. Minimum income of the employer must be AED.10,000/- per month.
      8. An undertaking by the employer accepting the conditions of Security Deposit in the prescribed format. (Download undertaking)
      9. Undertaking /Guarantee from an Indian National, in the prescribed format (Download prescribed format). The Indian Guarantor should be employed and not related to the Sponsor. The Guarantor is required to sign the Undertaking/Guarantee at the Embassy in the presence of the Community Welfare Officer. (This is not applicable to employers who are UAE nationals).
      10. Photocopy of the passport of the guarantor.

    2. Through a Registered Recruiting Agent (RRA) in India. (Click here to get list of RPAs )

      In such cases, after the recruitment of the FHSW has been finalized through the RRA, the employer will submit to the Embassy copies of the Demand Letter, a Power of Attorney in favour of the RRA, and a Employment contract proposed to be signed with the FHSW.

  2. After scrutiny of the above, the Embassy will attest the Employment Contract and the visa of the FHSW and will also issue a letter approving the proposed recruitment.

  3. The attested Employment Contract and the attested copies of the visa and the letter of approval would then have to be forwarded to the FHSW to enable her to complete procedures in India.

    1. MINIMUM AGE: The FHSW should have attained the age of 30 years.
    2. MINIMUM SALARY: The minimum salary of FHSW should be - AED. 1100/- per month in addition to free food & accommodation.
    3. MOBILE PHONE: A mobile phone and SIM card must be provided to the FHSW by the employer.
    4. SECURITY DEPOSIT: The employer will have to deposit an amount of AED 9,200/-(UAE Dirham Nine thousand and two hundred only) with the Embassy as a Security Deposit. This deposit is refundable on termination of the contract subject to conditions being fulfilled. The Security Deposit would not be required if the recruitment is done through a Registered Recruiting Agent in India. Download Refund click to download application forms.
    5. The Security Deposit will be governed by the following conditions:
      1. On termination of the contract at any time by mutual consent, the full amount of the Security Deposit will be refunded to the employer on the latter submitting an application in writing and appearing at the Embassy in person along with the FHSW.
      2. However, should the FHSW complain of non-receipt of dues or if the Embassy has to incur any expenditure on her accommodation, food, local transportation and airfare to India, these expenses will be deducted from the Security Deposit and the balance amount refunded to the employer.


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