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Renewal of Passport /Extension of Validity

As the validity of the passport cannot be extended beyond the date of final validity, passport holders are required to apply for a fresh passport on expiry of the validity of the existing passport. An application for a new passport in lieu of the existing passport may be submitted in EAP-I formclick to download along with the passport, a photocopy of the passport and a photograph of the applicant. For details, click here.

However, in certain urgent/ emergency cases passports are also issued for shorter duration of six months or more, pending completion of formalities for issue of a normal validity passport. In such cases the remaining validity of the passport could be restored without payment of additional fee as the fee for 10 years is collected at the time of issue of short validity passport. In such cases, passports issued from Embassy of India, Abu Dhabi are serviced and returned on the following day. Passports issued by other Passport Issuing Authorities are serviced after 35 days or on receipt of clearance from the concerned Passport Issuing Authority, whichever is earlier.

Requirements for restoration of normal validity

  • Application in EAP-II formclick to download
  • Passport in original and a photocopy thereof
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Fee: Nil

Note: An amount of Dhs.60/- is payable for restoration of validity of restricted validity duplicate passport.